Founded by Pharmacists.

Designed for you.


Why Kigi Naturals?

We Care About Your Health

Our esteemed founding pharmacists have spent many hours formulating the Kigi Naturals CBD product range to ensure only the highest quality ingredients have been used. All Kigi Naturals CBD makes use of a scientifically proven nano-technology emulsification to ensure the effectiveness of each dose.

Made With Natural Ingredients

We believe in the power of nature to rejuvenate and improve your overall well-being. All Kigi Naturals CBD products contain only natural ingredients that harness the best nature has to offer.

Relaxation Is Only A Click Away.

They Discovered An Ugly Truth And Started Kigi Naturals

Because CBD became so popular so fast, unethical players jumped into the market for a quick buck. Worse, once reputable companies started cutting corners just to cash in. 

Kigi Naturals founders chose to fight back and advocate for their customers through education and by producing their own brand of high quality CBD products that met their strict scientific standards.

Lab-Tested and Legal

All Kigi Naturals CBD is 0.0% THC free which means it’s legal to consume and can be shipped to all 50 states and most international countries. To provide a guarantee of this, each Kigi Naturals product will have a corresponding Certificate of Analysis (follow the relevant product link), which provide the batch number, ingredient profile, potency profile and contaminant analysis.

8 Commitments of Kigi Naturals

1. THC-Free = 0.0% THC

THC is the cannabis plant molecule that causes the ‘high’ effect. Our CBD is special because it contains the desired and powerful health benefits of cannabis without this ‘high’. It has 0.0% THC, which means you’ll get all the benefits and none of the headaches.

2. Broad Spectrum, Phytocannabinoid-Rich CBD

Our CBD sources are effective because we use Broad Spectrum ingredients. This means you get the synergistic benefits of the whole, natural hemp plant (Phytocannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) working in unison in convenient to use products like tinctures, salves, and gel caps.

3. Consistent Quality You Can Count On

Our CBD is sourced from Foilum Biosciences – a supplier whose stringent farming and manufacturing processes ensure consistent levels of potency in every batch of CBD. You can therefore be confident in your purchase.

4. Premium Grade CBD Ingredients

We keep an eye on our CBD ingredients from farming to harvesting to manufacturing and production. The CBD you find in your Kigi products are, gluten-free, Kosher, have the highest purity, and manufactured using the strictest scientific processes.

5. You Get Your Money’s Worth Because It Gets Into Your Cells

There’s no point in taking CBD for your health if you’ll just flush it down the toilet. Our CBD is designed to be at least two times more absorbable than standard competitors. You feel the difference because our CBD gets in, and does it’s work inside your cells, where it belongs.

6. We Trust But We Also Verify

Not only do we source our CBD from manufacturers who verify the quality and effectiveness of their product but we also submit each batch for third party scientific lab tests.

7. American Grown Hemp You Can Bank On

American farmers are the best in the world. All our CBD is sourced from farms that hold themselves to high standards, rigorous farming methods, and adhere to strict U.S. Farming guidelines. Anything less won’t cut it at Kigi Naturals.

8. We Do Not Cut Corners. Your Health Is Too Important

Our CBD is manufactured in a facility that complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices required by the United States Food and Drug Administration and other international regulatory agencies.